I am a certified herbal expert licensed to prepare and distribute herbal medicinal product all over the world. I prepare herbal product to cure different types of disease, my herbal product is 100% trusted without any side effect. my herbal product is fully organic and herbal, no artificial ingredient use. 

Dr Ogberaese herbal home is a Herbal & Metaphysical online store, in Nigeria! We carry a large variety of dried herbs and teas. Whether you have dabbled in the world of herbs you are simply looking for a unique natural herb for someone, you are sure to find it here! We also offer a variety of private treatment sessions. all this at a very good price and excellent quality.

 It is our policy to provide safe, quality products and services that conform to the demands and requirements of our customers.  It is our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction - strive for excellence and continual improvement in all spheres.

Our primary mission is to bring health to life by making available to the public powerful and effective herbal medicines. We use only certified  natural organic herbs and wild-harvested quality-tested ingredients to produce herbal medicines Check out our Calendar for more information. We can't wait to hear from  you!

At Dr Ogberaese Herbal Home, we have herbal medicine to cure all kind of diseases including COPD, Asthma, Atrial Fibrilation, Hepatitis B Virus, Glaucoma, ALS, Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, ILD, Chronic Bronchitis, MND, Parkinson's disease, Lungs disease, etc. We also have herbal remedy for weight loss, skin care, etc... Contact us today

Our Exports Products manufactured by Health Herbal Clinic are being shipped out from  Nigeria and exported worldwide to

  • Ukraine & Russia Federation
  • New Zealand and Australia
  • CIS Countries
  • USA and Northern Americans
  • South American Countries
  • Europian Countries
  • African Countries
  • Latvian Countries
  • UAE & GCC Countries

Our Mission                                                                                                               
To ensure the population is healthy and their life enjoyable to the fullest.

                                                                                                        Our Vision
                                                                                                            To be the best natural health care provider in the region.